Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blue flags --- and a rabbit

The Blue Flags (Iris virginica shrevei) have started to bloom in a patch convenient for viewing --- just off the paved trail at Pin Oak Marsh.

Follow the trail and after it turns almost due east for the first time, then keep watch to your right. If you pass the entrance to the grass trail that leads south, then around the big marsh pond (or if you miss that, the second bench), you've gone too far.

You can edge your feet into the tall grass to take a closer look, but watch out. A step too far and you'll be up to your ankles (or deeper) in water (Blue Flags prefer wet feet).

The flags will bloom for up to a month now, and it looks as if there are plenty of flower stalks. So take your time, but go look.

After admiring the flags last evening, I sat down on a bench to watch (and listen to) birds --- Red-winged blackbirds, tiny warblers and the occasional swallow, the blackbirds melodically vocal, the others silently swooping.

So I'm not sure when this guy emerged from the tall grass nearly at my feet to observe the wildlife. He (or she) just sat there for a time and we watched each other carefully. I eased the camera up and took a shot. Then he rose to his hind legs, took a final look and bounced back into the grass.

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