Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Flowers that bloom in the spring ...

Flowering bulbs are just beginning to burst forth around here --- in time for Easter. So here are a few gathered last evening in the neighborhood and the museum gardens --- hyacinth, glory-of-the-snow, siberian squill and narcissus. Not too many yet, but enough. Elsewhere, the landscape remains fairly brown.

There's no need to hurry spring --- it's upon us, but in a timely manner this year.

I looked back earlier this morning to photos taken during mid-March, 2012, an unseasonable season when magnolias were blooming in town and the Red Haw woods were filled with redbuds --- and red haws. This year is more like it.

My mother used to admonish "don't wish your life away" when the impatient announced they just couldn't wait for spring, or summer, or fall, or Christmas, or the weekend.

Seize the day instead.

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