Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Vote Democrat, vote often ...

I'd intended to take photos of the front-yard political signs yesterday --- just so there would be no misunderstandings about my affiliation --- but neglected to do that yesterday morning and didn't get home until after dark last night. I'll probably add one later.

It's traditional on Election Day morning to express the hope that everyone, without regard to party affiliation, votes. What I actually mean, if I inadvertently say that, is I hope that every Democrat and left-leaning Independent goes to the polls (or already has voted) and that Republicans stay at home in droves.

It's also traditional on Election Day to sigh in relief and say something to the effect, "thank goodness it's over; can't remember a more negative campaign." That's not true, of course --- American politics always have been nasty, deceitful, dirty and loud. You're living in a dream world if you think otherwise.

I'll be glad to have a little more time now to do other things, but the facts I don't watch television, listen mostly to public radio and toss all political advertising that arrives by mail into the trash immediately generally keeps me on the sunny side.

Nor do I pay much attention to polls and projections. It's not wise to be either over-confident or pessimistic before Election Day. There's plenty of time for celebration or depression after.

I've enjoyed being involved in a modest way in this year's campaign and working with others both relatively new to politics and veteran campaigners. The younger ones --- wow! Ben, Karoline, Kylie and RMax, too. You're amazing.

Most likely I'll do what I usually do after finishing up on Election Day --- go to bed early, then digest the election results tomorrow. Wednesday's blog post most likely, finally, will be about Sacred Heart's stained glass windows.

One of the more interesting day-after entertainments of the 2012 election involved Facebook tantrums among my friends distraught after Romney lost. I actually was "unfriended" by two, despite the fact I always try to be offensive in the nicest possible way. So I'll probably not comment about the election there on Wednesday.

Two interesting thoughts about election results. First, candidates who win elections, regardless of party, eventually will get exactly what they deserve. Second, he or she who crows too loudly about an election result is quite likely to end up eating crow in two years.

If you're a Democrat who hasn't voted, get out there and do it as soon as possible today. If you're a Republican --- relax, have an extra doughnut, don't worry about getting to the polls. There are plenty of Republicans out there voting. It'll be fine if you decide just to stay at home.

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