Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas elves & other stuff

Well, that was quite a celebration --- Dazzlefest, that is --- and here are two of many prime movers, photographed before the merriment began. Kris Patrick, on the left, is Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street coordinator; and Sonya Gwinn, CACMS office coordinator. No, they didn't buy matching sweaters. They already had matching sweaters.

Cindy Sellers, Dazzlefest Czarina, moved too fast for me --- but here's what happened to Joe, her associate in marriage. He (and others) ended up in harlequin costumes, in boxes, on the sidewalk, selling glow necklaces and glow glasses.

The official elves were a big hit --- costumed youngsters who trotted around the square distributing treats and helping out otherwise as needed. After the organized chaos of a roll call, they all headed out to participate in the big parade.

The parade was wonderful, I thought --- but the challenges of night photography and inadequate equipment precluded photos here. You should have seen, however --- the results of the incredible amount of work involved in putting lighted floats together. I cheered for the Historical Society float, yelled at my friends on the Trinity Lutheran float and really admired the huge Hy-Vee flatbed loaded with dozens of people who circled the square singing --- led by Santa with a guitar. There were many others.

The live window displays were great. Here, youngsters decorate the tree in Piper's window.

Someone a little older decorates The 5th Mile's window.

And who could resist a real, live baby --- in the Harbor House window (Joseph had backlighting issues, but he was there, too).

Here are Little Miss Merry Christmas and Little St. Nick --- I missed their names last night, but I'm sure that issue will resolve itself.

And, finally --- dressed to dazzle --- the Fordell sisters: Suzanne Terrell (left) and Michelle Ritzman. No. they're not twins. I'm told they enlivened Friday in not only Chariton, but Humeston, too.

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