Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prairie gentians

Prairie Gentians

The Prairie Gentians are beginning to open now, bright blue among vegetation turned increasingly to brown. Also called Downy Gentians (Gentiana puberulenta), these are among the last of the prairie flowers to bloom as the seasons shift into autumn and toward winter.

Bottle Gentians

Along with their sisters, Closed or Bottle Gentians (Gentiana andrewsii), they're hardy --- and likely to survive earlier frosts.

I found the Prairie Gentians Friday alongside the Cinder Path, growing on a west-facing slope east of the trail, opposite Bottle Gentians on the east-facing slope across the way. There aren't many of them, so attune your eyes to blue and look carefully.

It's overcast here this morning, but the forecast is for sunshine and summer-like temperatures. So take a walk (if you can)!

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