Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Putting the tall in tallgrass

So I spent most of Tuesday afternoon holding the lawnmower's hand as we chewed through a mix of grass and other growth that had gotten out of control in the back yard because of persistent rain (encourages growth) and extreme heat and humidity (discourages me).

My dream for the back yard involves tallgrass prairie, which neither the neighbors nor the fire department would be likely to approve of (rather than mow it, I'd just burn it every year or so; outbuildings on nearby lots be damned).

So I settled, after putting the mower to bed, for a quick walk around the marsh at sunset to admire some of the grasses that put the "tall" in tallgrass. Excess moisture this year has caused everything down there to shoot for the sky, too, giving credence to the old stories told by pioneers of native prairie grown taller than settlers on horseback.

I'm a big fan of cord grass, displayed here against the sky and then fronting for the first of the maximilian sunflowers, grown strikingly tall this year.

Big blue stem was shooting for the sky along the trail, too.

After the grasses came a spectacular sunset. Not a bad way to end the day.

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