Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Chariton card table challenge ...

This is the top of a card table donated to the museum recently by a granddaughter of its original owners, Perry and Blanche (Mumford) Nussbaum. Although the top shows slight wear it is, otherwise, in perfect condition. 

But why was it manufactured? When was it manufactured? Are there still others like this out there? Since it also serves as a business directory of sorts for Chariton, the top is Lucas County-specific. Because of the business names, it appears to date from the 1940s.  

A small advertisement in one corner of the table top reads, "Over 2,000 clubs have earned money and free card tables with Mathers Advertising Card Table Plan, 1209 W. Kings Hwy., Mt. Ephraim, N.J." So this was part of a fund-raising effort of some sort. A quick online search turned up similar tables related to other towns.

An inscription in another corner reads, "Property of Pythian Sisters Temple No. 213, Chariton, Iowa." Were the sisters (auxiliary of the Knights of Pythias lodge) the fund-raisers and if so, for what?

Anyone with ideas --- please comment either on the blog or the Facebook links too it. We'd really like to know more about the table before moving this to a permanent display area.

The sponsor names are divided into four segments: Keith Stone Motor Co., Corner Cafe, Paul T. Paton (Grand Chancellor, but of what? Pythian Sisters or Knights of Pythias?), Central Savings & Loan Assocation, Davis Tire & Battery Co., Johnson Furniture Store, Central States Electric Co., French Dry Cleaners, Beardsley Funeral Home, Elite Dress Shop and Toepfers Cafe.

John C. Fuller (clothing tailoring and shoes), Gartins Grocery, Babcock (?) Motor Company, Halls Texaco Station, Davis Tire and Battery (second instance), E and N Pontiac Sales, Oppenheimers, Lyman Plumbing & Heating, A.B. Gookin and Company, Fowlers D-X Service Station and Caylor Maytag Co.

Clark Implement Co., National Bank and Trust Company, Supply Store (groceries), Ambelang's (flowers), Davis Tire and Battery (third instance), Martha's North Main Beauty Shop, Chariton Cab Co., Yengle Market, Western Auto Store, Brown Shoe Store, Cooper Cab Co., Knapp Dairy & Confectionary, Enslows Super Services, Virgil Anderson (painting and floor sanding) and White Swan Cafe.

Bob Stone Machinery Co., Downs Funeral Home, Dean Ferguson Builder of Homes, Taylors Toggery, Davis Tire and Battery Co. (fourth instance), The Herald-Patriot and The Chariton Leader, Dunn Monument Works, Flukes, Kemble Flower Co. and First State Bank.

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Bette Bugni said...

A similar table was donated to the Sodus Community Library Sodus,NY

We believe it was made in the 1950's.

Take care-------Bette Bugni
Volunteer at Sodus Community Library