Friday, May 02, 2014

"It's sculptural, Maude, not scriptural ..."

It's been a gray, damp and rainy week here in the heartland But the sun is supposed to shine today; temperatures climb into the 60s. And this story from Adrian, Michigan, brought a little pre-dawn sunshine into my life.

It involves this piece of public art, a work entitled "Blue Human Condition" by sculptor Mark Chattlerley (with a name like that, how could his work be anything but scandalous?), unveiled last week near city hall in Adrian. It's supposed to illustrate the importance of relying upon one another.

Local preacher Rick Strawcutter and others saw right through that ruse, however; discerning the artist's (and the city council's) true motivation. (The city commissioners had just approved an anti-discrimination ordinance that protects, among others, LGBT people.)

The two together, ordinance and art work, clearly demonstrate that city officials are leading Adrian straight to Sodom, the preacher says. "Everybody I know who sees [the sculpture] just feels like it is in itself an abomination," Huffington Post quotes Strawcutter as saying.

After considerable fussing, city officials first covered the piece with a blue tarp --- somehow making the situation worse. Then, after others came to the work's defense, suspended plans to have it hauled away and moved it to a less public place in another city park instead.

The committee that selected the sculpture --- from among several options offered --- hadn't noticed its homosexual content before. It's entirely possible most Adrianites might not have either, had it not been for eagle-eyed Christians. 

But after all, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have the ability to detect the gay agenda behind nearly everything," or so said the good book (John 3:35 as it was in the original translation before those liberal revisionists went to work on it).

The whole story, including a link to Pastor Strawcutter's YouTubed insights, can be found here.


Also on the sculptural front, several news sources are reporting that Michelangelo's famous David, affected by 350 years of exposure to weather and other factors in Florence before being moved inside during 1873, is in some danger of collapse --- because of weak ankles. No word yet about the gay agenda in all of this.

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Anonymous said...

The most sexually oriented minds always belong to those who claim to believe in morality. They are obsessed with sex and see it everywhere, even where it doesn't exist. And, now and then, they even get caught and then hold weepy press conferences talking about how their wives forgive them.