Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Shrove Tuesday supper --- $900-plus for Food Bank

The guy who was supposed to be keeping count lost count last evening, but we did serve more than 100  during the annual Shrove Tuesday pancake and sausage supper at St. Andrew's. Donations at the door totaled between $600 and $700 which, when combined with a 50 percent match from our friends at First Lutheran, will add about $1,000 to operating funds at the Interchurch Council Ministry Center Food Bank. 

What a great way to spend an evening for a good cause, and many thanks to all who took part!

None of this would be possible every year without help from a dozen or so Girl Scouts and leaders. The Scouts work very hard greeting guests, inviting them to be seated, bringing them their pancakes, sausage, fruit and juice or coffee, plus seconds and refills, and then clearing the tables. It is a very busy two hours for everyone involved.

The photos here were taken early in the evening, before Jessica and I got really busy trading off at the kitchen sink, washing and drying dishes. 

We're always happy when the LDS elders can join us for events and the occasional service at St. Andrew's --- and they're loyal volunteers at the Food Bank, too. What a great bunch of guys.

Kaycee did a great job of decorating the parish hall in a festive Mardi Gras theme --- but I'm sorry to say I neglected to take photos specifically of the decorations.

We generally operate with a crew of six in our small kitchen --- this year, Bill and Richard preparing pancakes, Dru and Sherry serving and coordinating and Jessica and Frank, washing and drying dishes. 

Sam did a great job of entertaining Morgan, Benjamin, Nicholas and Megan --- and fostering a new generation of church organists, always in short supply.

This is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a 40-day period of reflection leading up to Easter. The liturgy begins at 5:30 this evening at St. Andrew's and Fred will stick around for an hour afterwards for those unable to get off work in time to get there that early.

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