Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Let no day end ...

... with dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. There, I've made a new year resolution. Most likely, it'll get broken this evening, but I'm going to write those words on a sticky-note, post it on the refrigerator and focus more on making this little dream come true.

That's the way life works. To think otherwise involves magic thinking, or as some call it, "creationism." I'm an evolver, a doubter of spontaneous miracles. If one of those little fish were affixed to my back bumper, it'd have "Darwin" written inside.

No issues here with those who envision a transcendent force behind the creative process, or with those who equate transcendence and the process. I have no idea --- it's the process and the outcomes that are of interest.

Let's go forth into 2014 and evolve. May we have good health and sufficient time --- an adequate supply of food, too, and a warm place in winter, a cool breeze in the summer, compassion for and a willingness to share with those who have less or who are in despair, less envy for those who have more, open minds and loving hearts --- and less fear.

Don't expect miracles, or pray for one and then just sit there --- become one.

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