Friday, July 26, 2013

One Woman Band and Friends

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-160 friends and neighbors turned out Thursday for ice cream --- but mostly for the music I think --- during our old-fashioned ice cream social on the Lucas County Historical Society Museum campus.

It was a great evening --- perfect weather, a steady flow of guests through the museum buildings before ice cream and music were served. Plus, Otterbein Church turned out to be a great setting for the Lucas County Nonprofit Roundtable, which preceded the social.

Sharon Seuferer and her One Woman Band and Friends have a good deal of stamina --- in addition to talent. They had performed three and a half hours straight on Wednesday for thousands of RAGBRAI riders, but you'd never have known they were tired, which they surely must have been.

That's Sharon in the middle up top, flanked by two of her friends --- Craig Wright on hammered dulcimer and Carol Oliver on accordion. You can see from this angle how Sharon does her part --- foot on bass, hands on guitar and mouth on harmonica.

Here's Sharon again, this time a little closer. Carol (below) performs both on accordion and keyboard --- but one instrument at a time only.

Vocals are provided by Cindy Baker (below), rounding out a great ensemble that kept everyone involved for about an hour with a lively mix of old-time and in some cases original music.

There was plenty of ice cream --- Bob Ulrich is serving here.

But it wouldn't have been much fun if it hadn't been for the crowd that turned out to enjoy everything. So thanks to everyone who attended, to Sharon, Carol, Craig and Cindy and to the hard-working LCHS board members, staffers and volunteers who organized and coordinated everything.

Sharon and her group have a new CD available, by the way --- "With God and Butterflies." You can purchase copies at Piper's on the square.

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