Friday, July 12, 2013

More of the flowers that bloom ...

We're moving into high summer now, something that's increasingly evident on the grounds of the Lucas County Historical Society where, led by Grounds Committee (and board) members Kay Brown and Jim Secor we're in the second year of a major gardening project.

The goal has been to move beyond a collection of buildings and artifacts and focus on their surroundings, too. One aspect of that is the practical Heirloom Garden, new this year; another, adding and tending to more decorative plantings that both add texture to our three and a half acres and reflect the interests and habits of earlier Lucas Countyans, many of who were (and remain) enthusiastic gardeners.

The bed of mixed annuals and perennials above and here, at the southeast corner of the Stephens House, is new this year --- and has surprised nearly everyone by flourishing so enthusiastically. Lots of water has helped.

The Herb Garden, just outside the back door, is in its second year and beginning to really take hold. We've only had one major crisis here. A drippy eaves trough has to date doomed everything planted in one of the small enclosures. You're looking east along the south side of the Stephens House here, where there also are colorful planters on the porch as well as other varieties of plantings.

This small bed of moss rose, marigolds and other plants around the millstone beside the front steps of the Lewis Building has just begun to take hold --- and now we're going to challenge it. Contractors are scheduled to begin work early next week on extensive repairs to the entrance ramp behind it. The plan now is to lift everything in harm's way, transfer to flats, then replant once the project's finished. We'll have to wait and see how well that plan works.

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