Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Our Iowa" visits our Lucas County

 We had special guests early this afternoon at the museum --- Our Iowa Magazine editor Jerry Wiebel and his wife, Paula. 

The magazine is planning a Lucas County feature in a future issue (no, I don't know which one) and the Wiebels were in the county for a whirlwind tour led by Tourism Lucas County's indefatigable top guides, Linda Baynes and Lyle Asell.

Founded by Roy Reiman, founder and longtime publisher of Farm Wife News (later Country Woman), Farm & Ranch Living, Taste of Home and a variety of other magazines, as well as the creator of Reiman Gardens, Our Iowa follows a derivative format and is one of Iowa's most popular publications.

It was fun to visit a little with the Wiebels and we're all looking forward to reading down the road a ways about this great place we live in. 

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