Monday, June 17, 2013

Charitone enters the Facebook age

As of this weekend, the Hotel Charitone has its own Facebook page, which you can "like" by clicking here. It promises to be a great way to keep track of day-to-day advances involving this terrific project. So go ahead. Do it.


On the other hand, friends tell me that the "You grew up in Chariton, Iowa, if your remember ..." page now has gone "private." Used to be, anyone could browse posts but not participate without joining. Now, apparently, you have to join in order to view or participate.

Apparently this involves "privacy" concerns, although there's very little privacy to be had when a site has nearly 1,300 members. However ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,
I think the privacy setting for the Chariton group is mainly to keep out the ad spammers. You're right, nobody should have any expectation of "privacy" when adressing a crowd of 1,300, but maybe we can at least avoid being bombarded with posts touting miracle weight loss formulas, online gambling sites and well-endowed women with few inhibitions.;) My take on it is that anyone who emails the administrator and sounds like a regular human being with at least a little bit of familiarity with Chariton will make the cut.

Ruth Comer

Norm Prince said...

The world changes and this old jar head is hard pressed to stay in touch. I have always enjoyed your post on the hotel and your photos which keeps us up on the latest progress. BUT know I fear you will most likely leave much of that to the Facebook site. And I am still an old hold out of not wishing to join a social site. Perhaps a word or two from you know and then will keep some of us in touch.

Thanks, norm

Frank D. Myers said...

Hi Norm. A friend (Ruth of the earlier comment here) is doing the Facebook page, although I'll probably contribute stuff to it now and then. But much of what I do will pass through here, too. I'm far from done with the Charitone!