Thursday, May 09, 2013

The morning and evening news

Just to give you an idea of how out of touch a guy can be, when headlines regarding the murder conviction of somebody named Jodi Arias began appearing yesterday on news sites, I had no idea who this woman was or why anyone should care.

According to that source of all useful information, Wikipedia (under "Killing of Travis Alexander"): "The case 'instantly commanded headlines around the world' and garnered 'daily coverage from cable news networks and spawned a virtual cottage industry for talk shows' and other media. With 'its mix of jealousy, religion, murder, and sex,' the case was characterized by the media as an example of courtroom entertainment and a media circus.' "

Now I see. We do love our jealousy, religion, murder and sex. Darn --- missed it all.


Then there's this Benghazi business, which I understand Mike Huckabee is predicting will lead to the impeachment of President Obama. In his dreams.

I mean, does anyone really listen to Mike Huckabee other than his choir on the far right flank of politics and the related culture war?

One potential result of all this involves the little-boy-who-cried-wolf effect --- the remote possibility that these guys might actually come up with something a broader range of people should pay attention to. But the only ones who will be listening, or caring, already will be in the choir.


One of the more bizarre stories in recent days involved the arrest on charges of sexual assault of Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krunski, head of the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office. This came practically on the eve of release of a new report detailing a sharp increase in the number of sexual assault reports in the military. Huh?

I'm thinking the military needs to up its recruiting efforts within the LGBT community. Obviously, more of our civilizing influence among these flowers of American manhood is needed.


Finally, it's a relief to see that a Texas district court judge has ruled that Kountze High School cheerleaders can continue to wave banners emblazoned with Bible verses --- like "if God is for us, who can be against us?" --- at football games.

I mean it's important in these great symbolic face-offs between good and evil to know which team of youthful athletes is on God's side --- and which isn't. 

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julienne said...

Hardin County (where Judge
Thomas sits) is a small county near Beaumont. The area is not known for its progressive attitudes towards nonwhites and other threatening subspecies. Although Thomas is a state district judge, he is limited to Hardin County.

A federal district judge, on the other hand, wields real power. Typically they are respected for their intellectual acumen and feared for their sharp tongues.

I was relieved to learn that Thomas was a state judge. Still embarrassed about living in Texas, though.