Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art appreciation

I write sometimes about having coffee with the artists on Monday mornings, so here are three of the seven who gather regularly once a week in the parish hall at St. Andrew's to work together, talk about art and other stuff, drink coffee --- and, now and then, eat.

There also generally are a couple of complete or nearly complete works on display either because the artist was happy with the outcome or is seeking advice about how to improve a piece.

This is a group that goes back many years and changes in makeup occasionally as circumstances change, but is by invitation-only --- not because of exclusivity but because there is room only for eight to work around the tables.

Six were present Monday morning, but since I sneaked up on them with a camera and enjoy their company it seemed wise to protect myself by sparing the camera-shy and not using photos of those who didn't happen to be actively working.

That's Meg Prange at the top, a fabric artist who is the only member of the group who participates in the show-and-sale circuit and therefore spends quite a bit of time on the road. Meg purchased my parents' home farm south of Russell several years ago and lives there with her husband.

This is Sarah Palmer, a retired Presbyterian pastor who formerly served, among others, the congregations in Chariton and Lucas. Sarah also is an accomplished gardener and many of her works reflect that interest.

And finally, Steve Scott, who has worked as a professional artist for many years, sells through galleries (but usually not in Iowa) and does quite a bit of local commission work. He was working on a commission Monday morning.

I wish I could paint, draw or in some other way be visually creative. Unfortunately, I lack those skills. This way, I get to participate vicariously.

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