Sunday, March 17, 2013

Young man with a horn (and a baby)

Sometimes we patronize our ancestors --- not nearly as trendy, imaginative, sensitive, humorous, creative (you name it) as we are, in this the enlightened 21st century. Then you come across a photograph like this ....

No, I don't know who it is or when it was taken, nor do I know for sure that this is a proud dad anxious to show off both his kid and his horn. But I'm betting that's the case.

This ended up in the Lucas County Genealogical Society collection --- in great condition on a jumbo card with one corner missing. Nothing written on the back. The only hint is this handwritten notation in the lower right hand corner of the card which, I think, is the name of the photographer and the place, somewhere in Nebraska, where it was taken. I'm guessing it was taken some time during the 19th century.

It may be related somehow to Lucas County, or it may not. We just don't know.

If this looks familiar, help us identify the subjects. If you'd like to have a look at the photo in person, it now is on display in the genealogical society library on the lower floor of the Chariton Public Library.

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Ken said...

Looks like "Orchard" Nebraska, "a town of more than 390 residents." It's located in northeast Nebraska and, apparently, "an excellent place for new development."