Friday, December 07, 2012

Whiskers on kittens ...

... have never been among my favorite things, but on these guys --- well, maybe. This is my favorite photo (of quite a few others, too) from the advent of gay marriage in Washington this week --- 56-year-old Larry Duncan and Randy Shepherd, 48, taking the oath while acquiring a marriage license at the King County Administration Building. The men, together for 11 years, live in North Bend, Washington, and moved to the Pacific Northwest from Texas seven years ago because of attitudes toward gay people prevalent in the Lone Star State.

If nothing else, the photo proves that true love comes in all shapes and sizes as well as gender and whisker combinations.

Here's my favorite tombstone of the week, noted out at Strong Cemetery in Pleasant Township on Wednesday. Look at the calla lily springing directly from the ground on the base. I've not seen this effect anywhere else in Lucas County.

This is a stone that dates from the early 20th Century, more than 50 years after George Johnston's 1858 death most likely. Someone obviously remembered the 25-year-old fondly enough to come back after so many years and mark his grave in this distinctive fashion.

Speaking of stonework, I'm in love with Chariton's First United Methodist Church (in a pure and innocent architectural sort of way). It's a building that deserves a viewing bench so that it's admirers can just sit and, well, admire it. Here's a detail of favorite stonework around the south entrance door of its principal tower.

But when it comes to stained glass, this piece high in the north wall of the nave at Trinity Episcopal Church in Ottumwa takes the favorite-things prize for this week. It is, as they say, spritual without being cloyingly religious. This photo dates from a Thanksgiving visit two years ago.

And finally, my favorite burr oaks --- along the Cinder Path little more than a mile southwest of town. The world would be a better place if we all spent more time meditating on the meaning of oak.

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