Friday, November 23, 2012

Building Detective: Herald-Patriot

Detective work involving the Herald-Patriot Building was completed several years ago when it was nominated for the National Register of Historic Places as the first public building designed in Chariton by architect William L. Perkins, who practiced here from 1917 until his death during 1957. Other Perkins buildings on the register include the Hotel Charitone, City Hall, Legion Hall, Masonic Temple and the Fred and Sherry Steinbach (a.k.a. Crozier) home.

The following illustration and brief article appeared on the front page of the Herald-Patriot of July 5, 1917. The building still is owned and occupied by the Chariton Newspapers.

The Herald-Patriot is to have a home of its own, a permanent abode and one worthy of Chariton and Lucas county. The building is now under construction on the lot just west of the public library, on Braden avenue, and when completed will make one of the finest structures in the city.

It will be 40x80, two stories in height and with basement under the entire building except twenty feet at the rear where concrete will be laid to receive the big presses, heavy machinery, linotypes, stones, etc., found around a printing office. After caring for boiler, coal room, storage room for print paper, etc., a laundry will be installed for the use of occupants on the second floor.

On the ground floor will be found ample accommodations for printing equipment of all kind, an office for the editor and a private room adjacent, while on the east side of the building is a room 20x40, partitioned off and equipped with lavatory and toilet, an ideal office for a physician who wants priacy and ease of access for patients.

The second story will be divided into three suites of living rooms, equipped with many  of the little conveniences which make a home attractive.

Four sets of plumbing will be used in the building and the best heating plant obtainable will be installed, while light and ventilation have been provided for in the very best manner. The entire building from the footings up will be made of hydro-stone, a made stone which cannot be told from granite and which is wholly waterproof. This stone is manufactured in Des Moines by the Des Moines Hydro-Stone Co., under the management of O.D. Harlan, who erected the Russell high school building. Mr. Harlan will lay the stone in the walls, employing only expert workmen on the job.

The architect of the building is W.L. Perkins, recently arrived in Chariton, and he has drawn plans and made specifications which are easily understood and are very attractive and complete. We believe that the entire building will be creditable to the city of Chariton and the men who have planned and will erect it. P.E. Johnson is the contractor and he proposes to finish the work in the best manner possible. G.W. Ensley has the heating contract and Frank Elliott will do the plumbing.

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