Monday, October 15, 2012

After the rains

Long periods of rain starting overnight Friday-Saturday began the process of refreshing the parched landscape around here --- and disrupted a couple of events. But no one's complaining.

I drove down to the marsh late Sunday to see if there had been much of a change there, and sure enough water levels were up a little, but barring the kinds of flooding downpours we really don't need it will be a long time before the acres of ponds fill again.

Pin oaks are turning a rich mahogany, however, and the autumn light seemed freshly laundered. Beautiful.

The rain stopped in time to allow Sunday's annual Crop Walk, a Church World Service event intended to raise funds to combat hunger worldwide.

Although number of participants was down this year, a good number turned out despite the morning threat of rain and the general busyness that seems to be accelerating around here.

I'd intended to do the short walk this year, but ended up babysitting the money in First United Methodist's parish hall until other walkers returned, then headed out to the Extension office, where St. Andrew's was serving water and cookies.

The grass is greening and growing again. It's time to mulch leaves --- and get the garlic in the ground. Meetings and more meetings, plus all those pending projects. Looks like another busy week ahead.

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