Tuesday, October 30, 2012

About that photo up there

Virginia and others have asked about the locale of the photo now serving as header for this page and my Facebook home page, too. It was taken at this time last year (I know that's cheating) in Pleasant Township, just at the turnoff from the Zion Cemetery road where you start meandering down toward the site of old Olmitz along Cedar Creek. Here it is, full frame

Centennial School once was located just over the wooded hill in the distance to the northwest. Centennial was named, of course, because it was built in 1876. It also was one of the first schools taught by my grandfather, back in 1895.

Turn southwest from the corner post (that's a hedge post, by the way) and this is the view, then due south on what was a hazy but sunny morning and this is the view down toward Olmitz, where only a memorial is left to remind us of one of Lucas County's most vibrant mining towns.

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