Thursday, September 06, 2012


Sure, I can be obsessive about old buildings. But the fantasizing about creating or living in a new house usually involves starting with something like Philip Johnson's famed glass house (above). I'd need more walls. But you get the idea --- simple, sitting lightly on the landscape rather than trying to pretend it's part of it or standing out like a sore thumb, lots of windows, removable with few if any traces when its time comes. (I also fantasize about living in mobile homes; not quite in the same league.)

To live in one of these, of course, you'd have to start by disposing of let's say 80 percent if not more of the clutter --- but this is an ideal, remember.

In any case, I've become a big fan of a blog called PrairieMod (The Art of Living in The Modern World). The focus is modern architecture, and much of what's being built residentially today doesn't even begin to be that. And it's heavy on Frank Lloyd Wright, which is fine by me. Take a look.

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