Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodbye to "In the Life"

I'm going to miss "In the Life" when new episodes cease in December and the non-profit media company behind the PBS and online news magazine shifts its focus from being an active news player to becoming a useful archive  --- victim of its own success as coverage of LGBT issues in the mainstream and niche media has increased, as well as economics.

When it began as a variety show in 1992, however, "In the Life" was virtually the only game in town so far as respectful and comprehensive coverage of LGBT issues was concerned. At its height, more than 200 PBS affiliates broadcast the half-hour monthly program in progressive markets (now and then in Iowa, where Lawrence Welk in color is considered progressive public television) and more recently available in a slick format online.

The goal was to increase respecful public visibility of LGBT people and the issues that affected us, as well as offering a mirror in which we could see our stories reflected --- minus the contempt veiled and otherwise that prevailed then in manstream media. "In the Life" developed a solid, and honored, reportorial reputation --- and goes out with that intact.

Much has changed, however. I no longer subscribe to the "Advocate," once mandatory if you were going to keep abreast of things, and while I still watch "In the Life" episodes and appreciate their perspective, there's so much more out there these days that fewer do. Here's the Web site. Enjoy it while you can.


Speaking of news, I always intend to form a collection of whacky headlines and odd stories that make their way to the cover page at MSNBC --- but never quite get around to actually doing it.

My favorite this morning, which sadly just got bumped, "The up side to castration: Eunichs live longer."

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