Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Powell sisters come home

It's always fun when people who lived in the Stephens House before it became part of the Lucas County Historical Society Museum campus come to visit. Our guests Thursday afternoon included the Powell sisters, daughters of Blackie and Ona Powell, who lived here during the late 1940s when it was an apartment house.

The sisters are (from left) Kay Zinn of Fountain Valley, California; Linda Nord of Indianola; and Jo Darrah of Chariton. Grandchildren are (from left) Erika Zinn, Logan and Melina Darrah and Alie and Caci Goldensoph.

The Powells lived first in the entire first floor of the house, but when it was sold in the middle of winter and the new owners wanted to move in they moved upstairs with four children into the smallest apartment, consisting of a small bedroom, a good sized living-dining room with pull-out bed, tiny (and I do mean tiny) kitchen and toilet.

The grandkids were having a little trouble imagining what that must have been like, but the sisters recalled that it was good just to have a home and how much fun it had been to play in the attic and outside. And where did they put everything? Well, there wasn't that much to put.

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