Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Passionate about poultry

I had not intended to go out to the  fair Tuesday (it pretty much wraps up today), but one difficulty of life in a small town is that people know where you are even when you're not at home. So I answered the phone where I was, and it was Ev, and I hemmed and hawed and when she persisted, finally said "Oh heck, noon to two." Wednesday, too. She's persuasive.

The best thing about the building where I was working (mostly sitting) is that it's just across the driveway from the rabbit and poultry barn. Rabbits are not my thing, but I am passionate about poultry.

That's Grant up top with his grand championship turkey --- a wonderful bird more interested in his lunch than his admirers. Grant also had grand championship pheasants, but was a little miffed because his ducks had been thrown into the same class with chickens (totally unfair) and had been denied their rightful recognition. Of all poultry, ducks are my favorites so I lavished them with attention. But because of the size of the mesh of their cages, they did not photograph well.

Many go to the fair primarily to eat at the 4-H stand. Barbecue pork, beef or lamb at $3.50 a crack --- enough for two or more sandwhiches piled onto a bun --- plus other sandwiches, chips drinks and six varieties of homemade pie. I always have gooseberry, so I had gooseberry. Total meal cost: $5.50. This is the lunch line on the west (shady) side of the stand about noon.

And here are a few of the folks who already had been through the line.

And here's the trio that was providing a little dinner music.

Then I went down to the arena to see what the category of judging was. It happened to be a turtle when I arrived. Yes, there are barns full of sheep, cattle and hogs, and they're judged, too. But this time period belonged to the youngest potential 4-H members, some of whom have turtles.

The crowd in the stands was getting a real kick out of it, but I had to get back to work. It'll be interesting to see what turns up today. I think it'll be lamb for lunch. Hope there's still gooseberry pie.

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