Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet the Shepperds

One of the rewards of writing about local history involves experiencing it come alive in the form of descendants of those written about who sometimes have images of their ancestors that they're willing to share.

That happened this week when Tim Shepperd, of Idaho, happened upon a transcript here of a brief memoir written by his ancestor, John Wesley Sheppard, which is here. John and his wife, Clerinda, arrived by wagon at Chariton Point during 1851, which places the Shepperd family among Lucas County's earliest settlers.

Courtesy of Tim, we now know what John and Clerinda looked like. And as it turns out, he also is descended from Rene Julien, another major player in a couple of posts.  

What struck me about the photo of John is how much he looks like my great-great-grandfather, Jeremiah Miller. That, however, is mostly a factor of the style of beard both wore, trimmed down to a fringe. This style had the advantage of keeping your beard out of lunch, but a disadvantage, too --- the wearer had to  shave and maintain a beard.

When there's a little more time, I'll incorporate these photos into the Shepperd post.


I could say more, but this is one of those mornings when we meet at 6 a.m. on the square wearing gloves and carrying tools and containers to pick up trash and maybe pull a few weeds lurking in alleys. If you've had your coffee, come on down.

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