Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Main Street District moving & shaking

Well, maybe not that much moving and shaking --- yet; but certainly some activity.

Richard Atwell has jumped feet-first this week into facade renovation on one of his buildings, the first north of the Hotel Charitone, just off the northwest corner of the square (top). Cedar shakes that formerly filled the blank areas above the windows and doors have been removed, the brickwork is being restored and the stucco covering of the south wall has been patched and prepaired for repainting.

As renovation continues, the areas above the windows and doors will be filled with pattern, awnings and vintage-look suspended lighting --- a design created by Main Street Iowa specialists. That's not a very good description of what's going to happen, but it's going to look great.

Meanwhile, others have been working in the area just south of Richard's building that will become a small parking lot for the restored Charitone --- installing what's needed to restore power to the Charitone, off the grid for several years, during construction.

That's the north wall of the Charitone at right, where plans call for construction of a new resident entrance. In the distance is the west wall of the Annex, now owned by Hotel Charitone LLC. It is not a part of the current Charitone project, but ownership ensures control of the neighborhood and increases the potential for controlled redevelopment down the road.

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