Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love at first sight in Oskaloosa

I wish I knew more of this old house's story after experiencing love at first sight Friday --- another reason I was a little late for pre-meeting coffee at St. James. Located, like the church, at the intersection of 1st Avenue East and South 3rd Street in Oskaloosa, it seems to be suspended in time --- waiting, but for what?

Although it appeared to be unoccupied, and I found out later that it had been for some time, it was getting late by then and there wasn't time to go back and trespass a little to take more photos.

If the exterior is any indication, it appears to be structurally sound --- even though the paint is fading and the vegetation is slightly overgrown.

What hasn't happened to the old lady may be the most interesting. I think the porch has been renewed --- the support columns and trim do not seem to be original --- but it's still there, with blue-painted ceiling, an Iowa tradition.

It still has storm windows --- not "combinations" --- and the frames beneath are original, not replacements. there may even be a few dark green blinds; just can't tell for sure. Trim seems to be intact. Nothing is sagging --- too much.

There's no sign it's ever been painted anything other than the now-faded white. The house across the street south has been aggressively restored and given several coats of painted-lady. It's the one that looks out of place.

If I had the time, energy, money and inclination to move to Oskaloosa, it would be fun just to stabilize her, renew the mechanicals --- wiring, plumbing, and the like --- and spend some time getting to know her before going farther --- perhaps not in the end imposing turn-of-the-21st-century taste. I even like --- the faded paint.

What she needs, I suppose, is a knight riding in to rescue. I'd be content to let her dream for a while longer.

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