Friday, August 24, 2012

Ice cream, you scream, etc.

Some say there's nothing to do in a smaller town like Chariton, but if that's the case most are too busy to notice, including the several hundred who met on the square Thursday evening for an old-fashioned ice cream social sponsored by Chariton Area Chamber-Main Street and appended 6-8 p.m. to the regular late afternoon farmers market.

A major co-sponsor was Hy-Vee, celebrating completion of a substantial warehouse addition that includes increased ice cream freezer storage space, which provided, logically, the ice cream. A lot of that was consumed as quickly as possible during the "brain freeze" ice cream eating contest that proved popular with kids (and spectators). These were the youngest participants in the various age classes.

A variety of farmers market and home-based business and other vendors also were set up on the courthouse lawn, including the Lucas County Historical Society --- we brought the 1929 Model A up to show off as well as brochures and a few of the souvenir-type items we keep on hand.

But the east side of the courthouse was the most popular spot and the line leading to the ice cream sundae serving table consistent.

Another cause for celebration, too, were the signs of activity at the Hotel Charitone, visible here in the background, where that huge rehabilitation project we've all been anticipating is poised to begin. More about that later.

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