Friday, July 27, 2012

Ice cream, some socializing & music

We couldn't have asked for more Thursday evening. Light rains overnight had washed weeks of dust away and after a string of 100-degree days, daytime highs had been "just" in the mid-90s. As the sun dropped behind the big pin oak west of the patio, a cool breeze sprang up. And more than 100 of our friends turned out for the annual ice cream social on the Lucas County Historical Society museum campus.

For the second year running, Arlan Risbeck and friends provided the music --- classic country. That's Arlan on steel guitar. This was a multi-cultural event, too, since half the musicians were from Lucas County, the other half from Wayne. Arlan and his wife actually divide their time between Colorado and Chariton, returning every summer in part so he can participate in the jam circuit across southern Iowa.

In the barn, Bill Marner and Fred Steinbach served up ice cream, ice water and cookies and a couple of dozen folks spent the evening there visiting with friends after the music started. Most headed outside to the patio, however.

Bob Ulrich had arrived early to fire up the old Piper's peanut roaster (thanks for storing our last carton of Hy-Vee-provided peanuts in your cooler for a month, Jill --- at Piper's) and enlisted Logan's help to distribute the product.

And finally, there was a spectacular sunset as we were getting ready to go home --- but I was busy running my mouth and neglected to take a photo of it. So that, you'll have to imagine.

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