Friday, March 23, 2012

Live from the square ...

... give or take 20 minutes. But here's the problem. Chariton's annual Redbud Festival is on the calendar for April 21 --- that's a month from now.

But the redbuds are just coming into full bloom now, as is evident here in the neighborhood of the Civil War monument at the southeast corner of the courtyard. Aren't they pretty?

That doesn't mean Chariton won't celebrate on April 21 --- and we can be grateful we're not as heavily invested in redbuds as Pella is in tulips.

But is a new name for this year's (     ) Festival in order? Yes, I know the last photo is spilling over into the right sidebar.

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Ed said...

I just got done uploading pictures of redbuds and sour cherry blossoms from my back yard to blog posts that I'm planning to publish next week while off on a business trip. I take lots of pictures of both every year. I would hate to know how much hard drive space is dedicated just to those two subjects. Better to just soak up the beauty and not ponder such things.