Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Main Street Iowa: We did it!

Chariton is one of three Iowa cities selected to participate in the Main Street Iowa program, Gov. Terry E. Branstad announced during a special ceremony Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol in Des Moines. The others are Jefferson, comparable in size to Chariton and located west of Des Moines, and Lansing, a Mississippi River city of 1,000 in the extreme northeast corner of the state. Marion and Keosauqua also had participated in the competitive Main Street application process. There now are 48 Main Street cities in Iowa.

More than a dozen of us were in Des Moines for the ceremony, joined by our legislators, Rep. Richard Arnold of Russell and Sen. Paul McKinley of Chariton, already there because the Legislature is in session. Along with delegations from Jefferson and Lansing, we packed to near-overflowing the conference room adjacent to Branstad's working office on the Capitol's ground floor.

Participating in the application process has been tremendously rewarding for me and I'm reasonably sure equally rewarding for everyone else involved. The support from the community at large has been tremendous. I think we're all excited about Chariton's potential and the part this program can play in helping us rise to it. The really hard work will begin in little more than two weeks, when Main Street is launched here.

After the ceremony, Richard and Paul graciously showed several of us around the House and Senate chambers and we explored other areas of the jaw-dropingly beautiful building on our own --- many of us hadn't actually been inside the building in years. All in all, it was about as good a day as it gets!


Norm Prince said...

I can feel your joy as I read about the honor your town won and after listening to your past post about the process I think you all did a great job. I hope this brings the town together for the task ahead and all feel at least one half as glad as you appear. Great job!!

Debbie said...

Wonderful news! Thank you for all you've done for this project.

Mark McVey said...

My congratulations to YOU! I put a heavy emphasis on you for the mere fact you were heavily responsible for this success... I am quite certain a few folks around town wanted this, but I know YOU fought for it! Let me know if I can do anything to continue this success...

Ed said...

Congratulations on your win! I can't wait to see what happens next in your town.