Saturday, July 02, 2011

Assuming the position

So I twisted my ankle and fell over Wednesday, figuring the worst in midair --- Oh crap it snapped; I’m disabled.

There’s a long line of horrible-izers here: Slice a thumb, lockjaw; get scratched by the cat, rabies.

Disentangled from the vacuum cleaner cord (nothing to do with the tumble, it just was there) and risen, stomped on a few times; no shooting broken-ankle pain; just a sprain.

Went to bed eventually, but it hurt (I read somewhere that if you take too many pain-killers they lose their effectiveness so usually don’t take them). Couldn’t sleep. At midnight, hobbled downstairs and took two Bufferin.

That did it --- went to sleep, swelling went down, all’s well now other than a little stiffness.

Here’s how it happened.


A poster child for good posture I’m not --- sitting cross-legged when working at a desk; if not that, one leg tucked under.

I figure this habit of twisting legs into unlikely positions has something to do with a previous incarnation: Indian practitioner of Yoga, perhaps, but Buddhist meditator in a Japanese tradition (I was once a Zen Lutheran) more likely.

Having discovered that eating butter pecan ice cream is the path to serenity in this life, however, I do not feel the need to meditate. In part because of that, I now look more like the Buddha than that skinny guy in classic lotus position up top.

But there I was Wednesday night, sitting on my right leg at the computer and focused on writing when something popped into the monkey mind and I jumped up to run do it. Mid-jump, it became clear that the sat-upon leg and gone to sleep from knee down and was strangely absent.

When it hit the ground, everything on top of it went down, too.

I used to be able to assume the classic lotus position, a trick if you’re not limber, at the drop of a hat --- when challenged or just for the heck of it.

I’ve been thinking of trying it again, but am fearful. Used to be as skinny and limber as that guy in the drawing, but  years and too much butter pecan ice cream have gone over the dam.

Ever read the police and sheriff reports in the Chariton newspapers? Here's how the report of my incident might read::

The duty officer responded to a report of a middle-aged man with legs twisted and locked into a foreign-looking position dragging himself by his elbows down a driveway toward South 12th Street. Officer fetched crowbar, pried legs apart and helped the old guy to his feet.


Since I still can walk, I’m headed for the museum to host the CHS class of 1981 this morning, reunionizing here over the 4th. Truth of the matter is, youngsters like this usually are more interested in talking to each other than in looking at stuff, but we’re glad they’re coming. I’ll save my misadventure with the museum flag pole for another day.


Here's another weekend event, posted by Nick as a comment to yesterday’s post. Comments tend to get overlooked, so here it is again:

And if you need something else to do on the 3rd of July, the Chariton Disciples of Christ Christian Church is hosting a fishing derby for the kids from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Cattell's pond in the back of Ilion Acres. Then a free BBQ meal at 6:00 p.m. at the Frontier Trading Post and Soda Pop Saloon. Musical entertainment by the Diamond Trio after meal and then back to Cattell's pond for smores and fireworks viewing. Perfect view to Northwest Park and you can sit right in your car.

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Nick said...

Thanks Frank and take care of that injury! Hope to see you Sunday sometime when you run out of things to do. BBQ will be tasty!