Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This date in Iowa weather: Brrr!

Yes, yes I know --- Iowans obsess about the weather. Sometimes with good reason. Here's the "This day in Iowa weather" paragraph (Chariton made the news) from this morning's National Weather Service site:

1913: A strong cold front moved across Iowa on June 7th and ushered in several days and nights of unseasonably cool weather. Low temperatures on the morning of the 8th included 37 F at Chariton, Denison, Elkader, Grinnell, and Independence, 36 F at Washta, and 34 F at Alma. Frost was reported at several locations around the state but was light enough and of short enough duration that damage to crops and vegetation was minimal.

Today's predicted high is 92 F, by the way.

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