Monday, May 30, 2011

Red, White, Blue & Green

So much for Memorial Day, almost. When I left the Chariton Cemetery a little while ago the American Legion guys already were disassembling the avenue of flags that had led from the front gate to the main flag pole. They don't mess around.

This group of four silk flags actually is at the base of the big pole, but I liked the view to the south, into the Chariton River valley, better. You also can see how impossibly green it is around here this year.

It's been a hot, windy, humid, hazy, even mildly ominous day --- not the sort to encourage unbridled tombstone tourism. So I missed Columbia, but will drive down in a day or two; did run out to Oxford, looking a little too shaggy for its own good, in the morning.

Some folks' work is never done. Ran into Doris and Ron out here this afternoon. Doris is a loyal volunteer for the Find-a-Grave project --- and what better day than Memorial Day to fulfill tombstone photo requests. Ron said they'd already been working the cemetery for about an hour.

Now I expect I'd better get a few more plants in the ground before it starts raining again.

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