Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Columbia girls (plus a boy)

On a far happier note than dead doves, here are two more photos of young people from Columbia found in Aunt Emma Prentiss's battered old album. Both feature my grandmother, Jessie, who as I've said before seems to have been one of the most widely photographed young women in the West. Sadly, the emulsion on both is beginning to fade a little --- the result of careless fixing rather than exposure to the elements.

This photo was taken by R. E. Jones at Ivy, Iowa, a tiny no-place along what now is Highway 163 east of Des Moines in Polk County. I have no idea what Grandmother was doing there, but the name McCorkle is synonymous with Columbia, so I'm guessing Jessie and the two McCorkles were visiting the unidentified "cousin" in the photo when it was taken.

Jessie is standing in this photo. Immediately in front of her, identified in Grandmother's elegant handwriting, are Addie (left) and Jennie McCorkle. The woman seated in front is identified as "a cousin of Addie and Jennie."

This photo was taken at Columbia, probably by Uncle Al Love. I can't decide what the subjects are supposed to be doing --- sorting berries? Snapping green beans? Who knows.

Whatever the case, they are identified in my grandfather's less elegant hand as (from left) Adda McCorkle, A.B. Askren, Della Stone, Grandmother Jessie and Grace Russell. Note, too, that the three young women on the right are wearing dresses made from the same fabric. Do you suppose it was on sale at one of Columbia stores that year?

Whatever they were up to, isn't it neat that they got together and commissioned this photograph? In both cases, click on the image to enlarge.

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