Thursday, March 10, 2011

The ducks have decided ...

... that it's spring. Or at least that seems to be the signal sent today as thousands upon thousands touched down on marshes along the Chariton River Greenbelt.

Armed with not-very-effective camera equipment, these were a few among the thousands I saw late this afternoon at Ingebritson Marsh, the next stop downriver a mile southeast of Pin Oak Marsh.

Then a few minutes later, after stopping closer to the river bridge, I managed to spook many of them into flight --- wave after wave. Sure wish you could se it better here.

The neighbor and his uncle, scouting early this morning near the east entrance to the Colyn Area south of Russell spotted a couple of dozen sand hill cranes --- rarely seen in these parts --- grazing in a field.

And eagles by the dozen have been feeding at both the Colyn Area and Brown's Slough, farther downriver. It's time to get the bird book out and go to work!

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