Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Parking lot view, day two

About half of Iowa, including Lucas County, turned bright red overnight --- blizzard warning --- a long and fairly skinny pattern on the weather map that begins in Oklahoma and ends in Michigan. We'll see.

So far only light snow here and a balmy 18 degrees, but the wind is kicking up so it feels colder. Schools have dismissed in anticipation.

Good excuse for another grocery store trip (butter and detergent, just in case I want to bake or wash something --- you've got to buy something) since it's a good day not to go too far from home unless necessary.

That's the new credit union building going up across West Court between Shelton law offices and Hardee's with Shelton Marsh in the distance. When it opens, Chariton will have four banks, which seems a little excessive considering the volume of money available these days. However ...

The flocks of American tree sparrows and dark-eyed juncos are back in force this morning, good entertainment and all for the cost of a couple of cups of sunflower seed.


Anonymous said...

those are very accurate pictures and i live in chariton this is a great city keep it biutifull and shop chariton first

jackson said...

love chariton