Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Moderation in all things ...

It's now 5 degrees with wind gusts to 22 mph, but the blizzard warning has officially inched beyond the east Lucas County line. It's also too cold to manipulate a camera --- and too cold (for me) to shovel snow in anything other than small increments. Moderation in all things.

It'll get done, but will take a while --- another of those times I'm glad I set my own schedule for the most part and have no pressing need to be anywhere.

Up the street to the north, Don has been going at it with his snowblower for some time. Across the street (top), Terry (with her husband, keepers of the Brokeback Pickup --- yes, it runs and makes a darned good lawn ornament, too) has cleared the sidewalks; and down the street, Darrin was up when I got up about 5, already moving mountains (above).

We didn't have that much snow, actually, but the wind was a beast overnight.  It was from a direction other than northwest, however, so arranged the drifts in a slightly different configuration this time. I doubt my driveway drifts are even knee-high. What a disappointment.

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Ed said...

We got all the snow and the wind too. I just posted pictures of my digout on my blog. This was certainly a snowstorm for the history books.