Sunday, February 27, 2011

Iowan lays giant egg

The Iowan at the top of the news heap this morning does not so far as can be determined have a political agenda. So forget same-sex marriage and union-busting Wisconsin governors. This is important.

Aussie, a black Australorp hen who lives with her owner, Nathan Batten, at Bonaparte has laid a 4.1-ounce egg that is three and a half inches long and six and a half inches in circumference. Nathan plans to contact Guinness World Records and I'm convinced, at least for this morning, that God still is in her heaven and all is right with the world.

You already know about my partiality for Van Buren County --- this is just more frosting on the cake. Australia is a special place, too. That's where Aussie's biological family is headquartered. By following this link, you can read all about Aussie and see a photo of Nathan and the egg. Sadly, there isn't a photo of the hen in question. That's too bad. Think of how painful this production must have been. The owner and the egg are getting all the glory.

Be warned that this link to the Des Moines Register story will not work for long since newspapers like The Register move archived stories around a lot, finally into a hole where one is required to pay to read. But this is big enough news that I suspect for years to come you'll be able to google "Nathan Batten," "Aussie" and "egg" and read all about it elsewhere.

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