Saturday, December 11, 2010

Iowa turns red: Blizzard warning

The forecast has changed abruptly overnight and the weather map for nearly all of Iowa, including Lucas County, has turned red --- blizzard warning. The current outlook is for up to eight inches of snow and strong winds into Sunday morning.

Now there's no guarantee any of this will happen --- weather forecasters are like politicians in some respects: Prone to miscalculation and overstatement. We'll see.

But at least I didn't waste Friday --- sunshine and highs in the low 50s. And I had the Cinder Path all to myself at midafternoon.

Pampas grass is not native to Iowa and can be modestly invasive --- but it sure is pretty. Especially when its framing a view of Shelton Marsh (at the top) where the ice actually was melting.

Even foxtail, both invasive and pesky, can look good under some circumstances.

And father along the trail, views off into the distance with the shape of things clearly evident.

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