Friday, November 12, 2010

The Facebook challenge

This is the first image I posted to my new enthusiasm --- Facebook photo albums. It is a badly faded photo of my great-great-great-grandfather, William Miller II, who died during 1866 at Pleasant Corners in Monroe County, Iowa.

I've had an awful time adjusting to Facebook. Many months ago, my cousin, Audrey, invited me to join and so I did --- then forgot about it. When I remembered it, I'd forgotten how to get in. Resolved that and decided I should "feed" the blog there. Forgot about it again. Finally checked and discovered that the Facebook "feed" mechanism didn't work well. Cancelled feed. Remembered Facebook again and started manually "sharing" blog post links. That seems to work.

Now I've discovered how easy it is to post photos into widely-accessible albums on Facebook, solving at least in part a long-running problem --- how to share the hundreds of vintage images from multiple family lines that I'm the custodian of. Even posted a letter from 1918 and it worked out very well. So now I'm officially a fan of Facebook. It just took a while. Thanks Audrey!


The seasons seem to be shifting here this morning --- cold rain after a string of mild and mostly sunny days. The weather map shows the cold blue of a winter storm warning moving into northwest Iowa. Although it's not supposed to reach down here that blue is a sign of what's to come most likely. Eight finches are clinging to the thistle seed feeder this morning, chowing down (and eating me out of house and home; thistle seed is darned expensive). Not sure what that's all about.

Just in time for winter, we received a beautifully preserved and quite old bobsled at the museum yesterday. It's a wonderful device although in order to make it fully functional we'd have to transfer to it the box or rack from a wagon as our ancestors did when snow covered roads and fields. Bobsleds are notoriously tippy, but still used occasionally, often with teams of horses, where it's necessary to feed livestock in open fields.

This is my morning to keep the museum office open, so it will be interesting to see what turns up today.

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Wanda Horn said...

Welcome to Facebook, Frank. I was blackmailed into it a year or so by a granddaughter who kept posting photos of her children there, but not e-mailing them to me.