Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily dose of Lucas County: Bouquet

A mix of asters and goldenrod along the Pin Oak trail at 11 a.m. Our mild, dry, hazy-sun interlude lasted until about 2 p.m. when the downpour started and a good deal of rain is predicted for the remainder of the week.

Too bad about the grass. Knew I should have started mowing at 10:30 when I got home from the first meeting, but since the second meeting was at 12:30, decided on a quick walk and lunch instead. Now I'm the shaggy hyphen between two perfectly manicured lawns.

This was the day of the groundhog --- discovered burrowing under the bay window of the Stephens House back parlor by the alternate Frank (Frank Mitchell) while doing a little groundskeeping at the museum. With stunning efficiency, he borrowed a live trap from county conservation headquarters, baited it with a carrot and shortly after lunch, the guilty (and greedy) party was in captivity.

A quick trip about two miles out into the country and our unwelcome attempted houseguest was last seen harrumphing off into a grove just before the rain began. Hopefully he won't be able to find the way home. Had it not been for that other meeting, I'd have had a photo.

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