Monday, September 20, 2010

Big yeller spider ...

For two days straight now, I've crawled into the truck and not had to clear cobwebs in order to drive away. This causes me to believe that the big yellow spider I've been sharing the cab with for a week either has passed to its reward or accepted the invitation of an open window and departed, most likely the former.

I don't know what sort of spider it was, but the undercarriage (all I really saw clearly of it) was as bright as the sunflowers up top upon which it was lunching when I disturbed it in the first place.

I'd gone out to the farm a week ago Saturday, assigned to assemble Sunday altar flowers, and walked back to the old pond and cane shed to cut sunflowers and goldenrod. Back at the house with my haul, I put the flowers behind the pickup seat and thought nothing more about it --- until.

Turning out of the drive onto the main road, big yeller crawled up my neck and down my arm. In the interests of not driving into the ditch while trying to swat it, I swept it off to tumble head-over-heels (do spiders have heels?) to the floor and then it vanished --- not to be seen again (although I've been imagining something crawling on the back of my neck or up my pantleg all week).

I left the pickup window down both outside and in during the course of the last week, hoping it would just leave, but persistent cobwebs suggested that it didn't. I feel badly about the spider --- perhaps I was a Jain in a previous incarnation. But what can you do? 

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