Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back at Salem Cemetery ...

It's been a long time since I've fiddled with the Salem Cemetery blog, linked out of the sidebar at right or accessible here. No particular reason for that, other than my attention drifts. The original, and continuing goal, is to account for everyone buried there and to explore how their stories are intertwined. Fairly obsessive, but then I am.

I heard the other day from a Gookin descendant whose great-great-great-grandfather I'd written about. Another Salem lot contains the remains of his parents and maternal grandparents, however, and I'd never gotten around to doing anything with it.

So  I've completed at least for now Salem Lot No. 22 (occupied by Samuel and Lydia Russell Gookin, Lydia's parents, Mary and Reuben Russell, and her brother, John and wife, Margaret, who also was Samuel Gookin's sister; how's that for interrelatedness?). The result is here.

Maybe now I'll keep plugging away at this and get it into some reasonable degree of order. By the way, the dates on these Salem posts have no meaning. I set the whole thing up at once when I started, including place-holder posts, so that it could be organized.

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