Sunday, April 25, 2010

If the crick don't rise ...

Somebody thought I was kidding this morning when I said that for a little excitement after lunch I was going to drive out to Lucas and watch the water rise. I wasn't.

We've had between 4 and 5 inches of rain within the last couple of days and it's darned wet.

We kind of judge moisture content around here by the behavior of Whitebreast Creek in the Lucas bottom, where Highways 34 and 65 intersect. If part of 65 is under water (as it is here), the water's rising; if 65 and part of 34 are under water, it's risen; and if the Lucas pond spills out over 34 and both go under, it's high tide.

At least I'm home safe and dry now after all that excitement. The neighbors (two adults, three kids and three large dogs) spent the weekend up around Montezuma at a dog training event in a nice, but compact, travel trailer. I wonder how many square feet per body that comes out to. Not my idea of fun.

I'll think I'd just as leave sit back and watch the water rise.

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