Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I know they're a pest ...

... invasive, non-native, a threat to ponds, but I still think the water primroses (Ludwigia something-or-another, but which one?) just coming into bloom in places along the east shore of the big pond at Pin Oak are pretty.

Had I been paying attentiion this morning, I could have immortalized with a fair portrait a fat and happy northern water snake sunbathing on the small dock anchored to the north shore of the spit of land I was navigating while trying to get within camera distance of the flowers (or weeds, depending upon perspective).

Concentrating on keeping my feet dry, however, I didn't look up in time to see it from a distance and sneak. It saw me first, gave a disgusted look and over the side it went before it occurred to me that I was holding a camera.

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