Thursday, January 22, 2009

Salem Cemetery Update

I've added three lots to the Salem Cemetery blog, which links out of the sidebar at left. The updates are Lot No. 35, which contains only the unmarked grave of Cora Houck, 12; Lot No. 48, which contains only the grave of Lilly Bell Parsons, 4; and Lot No. 30, which contains the graves of the Rev. Marcus L. Evans and his wife, Elizabeth (Hetser) Evans. Unfortunately, I've misplaced the photos of the Evans tombstone, so either will have to find it or retake it.

The Evans entry does contain a lengthy account of the collision of two freight trains at Chariton in 1875 that claimed the Rev. Mr. Evans' life and remains interesting reading. The five who died in that crash included the first passengers to be killed on then then relatively new main line of the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad (later the C.B.&Q and now the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe}.

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